File Menu

Open File

To open a file in the MBLOK menu, just click on the file name.


Share Link

If you need to share a specific file again, you can share links to that same file by simply clicking on the “Link” icon beside the file in the MBLOK menu.


Delete Link

If you change your mind and don’t want anyone to access the link you’ve shared, simply click on the trashcan next to a file you want to stop sharing. Notice that the file will remain in your share history for quick access. However, the link will no longer be available to a recipient for viewing or download.



File Settings

By clicking the “Settings” icon next to a file in the MBLOK menu, you can access the permissions for that file. In this menu, you can change the link duration, allow or disable downloads, create a password for secure link access, open the file in its folder, or delete the file.


Link duration

You can set up the duration of a link access to 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or make it accessible at all times.



Download control

You can choose whether to allow or disable downloads, and you can select the number of permissible downloads.

Password control

You can set a password for every link that you generate so that only the recipient can access the file if s/he has the password.


Open in Folder

The folder with the location of shared files opens in a new window.


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